Why Pasture?

Tasty, healthy, natural food from British farmers who care about their animals and the countryside.

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Where to find your local pasture farmers and retailers.

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The benefits of eating pasture meat and dairy, how pasture animals are cared for and why pasture farming is better for the countryside.

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The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association welcomes everyone who wants to support the production of meat and dairy from pasture.

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Purely Pasture

Pasture containing grasses, wildflowers and herbs is the natural diet of cattle and sheep. Yet today, very few animals are fed on pasture alone.

Many farmers now try to produce their meat as quickly as possible, by feeding things like cereals and imported soya, and keeping them indoors for some, or all of the time.

So animals are vanishing from our fields and the tasty, healthy food they produce from grazing grass is hard to find.

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association brings together British farmers committed to producing high quality food in a more natural way.

Calf in yellow meadow

Pasture farmers win awards

Pasture farmers win awards

Three of our members received prizes at the Fine Farm Produce Awards in Bristol recently....

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