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Support the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association and join the growing movement which is bringing together people who:

  • Have a deep interest in real food
  • Care about the welfare of farm animals
  • Are passionate about protecting the countryside for future generations to enjoy

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Why become a supporter?
While many farmers are interested in converting to pasture-fed, they need to feel there is sufficient support from the public to take the first step. As a supporter, you will give that much-needed reassurance.

We also need to convince policy makers that pasture-fed food is a credible and serious option for food production in the UK. While there is a strong case for pasture-fed, demonstrating popular support will help bring about real change.

  • Help make the pasture-fed movement a real succuss
  • Encourage farmers to convert to pasture-fed farming
  • Lend weight to calls for policy change

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Make a donation of at least £1 a month and help us carry out our work to change the way meat and dairy animals are raised and cared for in this country.

  • Help develop a network of producers and retailers
  • Participate in local producer groups and the wider pasture-fed network
  • Participate in the online Members' Forum (to follow shortly)

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Membership is open to anyone – not just farmers.

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association has been set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC). This means Members can take an active role in shaping its future as they have full voting rights.

Members receive a regular newsletter providing a comprehensive roundup of related news and events around the country. They can also participate in active Internet forums and discussion groups.

  • Participate in the online Members' Forum (to follow shortly)
  • Take part in consultations and vote on key decisions
  • Stand for election as an officer of the association
  • Receive discounts on products and services supplied by other members

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Become a Pasture-Fed Approved Supplier

Farmers and retailers who are Members can apply to become Approved Suppliers. If successful, they can market their food using the 'PASTORAL – pasture-fed for life' logo.

  • Use of the 'PASTORAL - pasture-fed for life' logo and certification
  • Access joint marketing initiatives and promotional schemes

How to become a Pasture-Fed Approved Supplier