Where to Buy

The network of farmers producing beef and lamb purely from pasture in the UK is growing.

It is currently available from butchers’ shops, farmers’ markets or directly from producers through their farm shop and by mail order.

Pasture-fed for life

Look out for the PASTORAL logo when shopping for grass-fed meat, as this guarantees the animal has been fed 100% on pasture for the whole of its life.

It also means the farmer has followed the rules set out by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, and the way he or she farms has been independently checked and certified.

Here are some of the places you can buy Pasture Meat:

Berkshire, Lambourn

Sheepdrove farm is located high on the breathtaking Berkshire Downs and has been involved with the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association since its start.

This mixed organic farm has cows and sheep, all of which are fed on pasture and forage crops and nothing else.

The meat is retailed through two of their own butchers' shops – one in Bristol and one in London. It is also served up in their conference centre restaurant in Lambourn and there is a nation-wide box scheme.

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Cumbria, Ulverston

For Heavens Stake is an exciting and empowered approach to buying ethical meat. Based in Cumbria, Caroline and Stephen sell sustainable, high welfare, nutrient-dense meats using a 'cow share' and 'sheep share' initiative.

They work with Pastoral farmers such as Simon Cutter from Model Farm in Herefordshire and Neil and Leigh Heseltine from Hill Top Farm in Yorkshire to offer the finest 100% grass fed Hereford and Belted Galloway Beef, Lamb, Hogget and Mutton by mail order anywhere in the UK.

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Devon, Exeter

The Braggs produce pasture-fed organic beef and lamb at West Town Farm on the outskirts of Exeter. The family also hosts many educational visits and open days to showcase the work they do to encourage and supporting wildlife on the farm.

Their beef is hung for 18 days and sold in different sized boxes from the farm gate, or through a local community shop, a Love Local Food van or The Real Food Store in Exeter. It can also be enjoyed at local pubs and restaurants.

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Devon, Okehampton

Eversfield Organic supplies top quality pasture-fed beef and lamb from their farm in Devon to households and national retailers eg. Ocado, plus leading restaurant and hotels. All the meat is Pasture-Fed for life and completely traceable back to the South-West of England farms on which it is raised.

All their beef is from traditional breeds and farmed to the highest welfare standards to guarantee confidence and assurance of their products. They hang, butcher and package all the products in their state-of-the-art butchery to ensure that the Eversfield quality and traceability is maintained throughout.

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Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

Ian Boyd’s organic pedigree Hereford beef herd lives out on an area of rare calcareous grassland, which in summer is full of wildflowers and teeming with wildlife.

He sells his pasture-fed meat direct to the public, at local shows or by mail order. Some customers collect their orders from the farm.

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Gloucestershire, Cheltenham

Jonathan and Mel Brunyee sell beef, lamb and mutton direct from Conygree Farm, which is set in the heart of the Cotswolds. Their rare breed Cotswold sheep and Traditional Hereford cattle graze species rich pastures all year round and are 100% grass fed. The farm is managed organically and provides a haven for wildlife; particularly farmland birds such as corn bunting, lapwing and skylark.

They won a National Trust Fine Food Award in 2013 for their beef and hogget (lamb at one year old) and have been working diligently to reduce food miles and help reconnect people with the land, traditional breeds, food provenance and seasonality.

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Gloucestershire, Stroud

The Ruscombe Red Poll herd of cattle is owned by husband and wife team Richard Spyvee and Rebecca Charley, and they won the prize for the Best Small Red Poll herd in the South West in 2013. Their animals graze in relaxed family groups on herb-rich pastures which are managed to attract and protect as much wildlife as possible.

The beef is hung for four weeks before being packed and boxed up ready for collection from the farm. Richard and Rebecca’s aim is to enhance the wildlife value of the land while producing high quality, tasty, naturally-raised beef.

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Hampshire, Southampton

The first Chalk Valley 100% Grass-Fed burger bar opened in the centre of Southampton in February 2014, and was the first restaurant to be certified by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association.

Owner William Buckley is passionate about producing food that is natural and nutritious, from animals that have been well cared for, and that have only ever eaten pasture and forage crops. All the ingredients used in the restaurant are seasonal, local and organic.

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Herefordshire, Ross-on-Wye

Simon Cutter’s Model Farm at Hildersley near Ross-on-Wye is a true mixed farm where all the cattle and sheep are pasture-fed for life. The traditional Hereford cattle are farmed organically and roam freely across wide areas of botanically rich grassland, living in tune with nature.

A full range of healthy meat and vegetables can be ordered on-line and delivered free of charge throughout the West Midlands.

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Hertfordshire, Rickmansworth

Jonathan Chapman of Chess Valley Beef supplies selected pubs and restaurants with his 100% pasture-fed meat, and also sells it privately via a successful box scheme.

His herd of Red Ruby Devon cattle graze open tree-lined fields with their calves, and thrive on the grasses, clovers and herbs that grow there. They produce high quality beef with wonderful marbling, texture and flavour.

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Kent, Sevenoaks

Fidelity Weston produces organic grass-fed beef and lamb from animals that graze wildflower meadows and clover-rich pastures. Beef from the traditional Hereford cattle is available from October to December and lamb from July to December.

All the meat is sold locally, directly from the farm. Fidelity’s customers often comment on the exceptional flavour of the meat which she feels sure is due to the diversity of plants her animals eat and their stress-free lives.

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Nottinghamshire, Southwell

As one of the founding members of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, John Hill understands the benefits of producing high quality meat from just grass and forage crops.

He runs a traditional mixed farm near Southwell in Nottinghamshire. He sells vegetables and fruit, as well as organic 100% grass-fed beef through his own retail outlet – the popular Hills Home Grown Farm Shop.

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Oxfordshire, Banbury

Hornton Grounds is a beautiful farm located in the Cotswolds offering four star accommodation for humans and horses. Catherine and Graham Vint also rear Aberdeen Angus cattle and run a sheep flock.

Their aim is to run a farm that has healthy soil, healthy grass and happy, healthy animals. They are proud to sell their flavoursome 100% grass-fed beef and lamb to their B&B customers and from the farm gate.

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Powys, Brecon

John Price runs a pedigree herd of the distinctive Belted Galloway cattle and a sheep flock of 800 ewes on a farm in the heart of the Brecon Beacons National Park. All the cattle are born and raised outdoors, and only ever eat pasture – either down in the beautiful Usk Valley or up on the wide open hill.

Beef and lamb can be bought directly from the farm, or can be found on the chef’s special boards at a few local pubs and restaurants. Feedback from customers is always positive. John says this is because "good food comes to those who wait, and that is never rushed from pasture to plate!"

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Shropshire, Market Drayton

Fordhall Farm has been farmed by the Hollins family for generations and is England’s first community-owned farm - saved from development in 2006 through an innovative community share scheme.

Cattle and sheep graze species-rich pasture all year long, supplemented with wildflower meadow hay in winter. The resulting flavoursome beef and lamb is sold via courier nationwide or through the farm shop.

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Worcestershire, Redditch

Rush Farm is set in the valley of the Bow brook in Worcestershire. The livestock which graze the wildflower river meadows include both Traditional English Hereford cattle and pedigree Lleyn sheep. The farm is both organic and biodynamic reflecting their commitment to a self-contained and self-sufficient operation.

For those who wish to buy pasture-fed beef and lamb directly from the farm they can either collect frozen meat from the farm house or have fresh meat posted when available.

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